A Limo, a Puppy and Dad’s Grand Entrances

How do you bring a puppy home? In a crate? In your arms? My dad did it a bit different. I remember we went to the shelter to look at puppies. We really fell in love with one little guy. He had big floppy ears and legs too big for his body. He was very friendly and energetic. Perfect for my sister and I. I could tell that mom was more than happy to bring him home, but dad said we had to think about it. Now let me tell you how a limo service for Toronto got involved.

Dad has a history of making grand entrances. Birthday parties were a treat because you did not know what kind of costume or antics he would be up to. Sometimes they were embarrassing, sometimes hilarious. You couldn’t help but laugh even with the embarrassing ones. We did our lunch discussing the finer points of having a puppy. Dad even brought out a legal pad and pencil asking us to make pro and con columns for having a puppy. Read the rest of this entry »

Paying a Visit to Grandma in Toronto

When my family usually has a family reunion, we meet in America. My grandmother, who lives in Toronto, flies down and meets the rest of us. She lived with my father and his siblings in Toronto for many years before they decided to come to America. This year, my grandmother couldn’t fly, so we decided to have the family reunion in Toronto instead. We rented a bus at www.partybustoronto.limo to get us around Toronto. This was my first trip to Toronto, and my father’s first trip in nearly 12 years, so for him, it was a bit like coming home.

My father really wanted me to try a poutine once I got to Toronto. He had made poutines before by hand, but he claimed that the ones he made really weren’t any match for the ones that you get from the restaurants. He also wanted us to try some authentic maple syrup straight from the tree. My grandmother had some maple trees in her backyard, and would occasionally tap the trees and extract some syrup. Read the rest of this entry »

Facts About the Fastest Cars in the World

A car is not a very luxurious investment in recent life. But it will be different if you buy the luxurious cars, since it will be a costly expense you would have made. The high mobility of many people all over the world is fully supported by the presence of various vehicles. All of them come in different types and features. If you wish to get the super fast car, you should pay more to get such thing. What kind of car do you like best? In this case, some popular names are known as the leading icons among others.

Perhaps, you start to think about traffic jams and the possibility to ride the fastest cars. Surely, the fastest car is not always used as daily transportation. Some people buy it to complete their collections. It is a part of lifestyle and will be a very prideful investment. Riding the faster car on the road is a dream of everyone. If you have much money, it will not be a complicated thing to make your dream comes true. In fact, the fastest cars have become the most favorite toys for multimillionaires. The super expensive car is not a big problem for them, since the most important thing is to enjoy the great life in most interesting way.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar and even Bugatti Veyron sit on the top ranks among other cars. They offer the amazing speed which let you to beat the wind and ride confidently. Collecting such things is a part of high-end culture. So, it is not a surprising thing to read the news of car collections by many elites and automotive freaks. If you have the great passion in automotive, the information about fastest cars will be really helpful to let you up to date of the latest trends out there. You will find the fascinating facts about those cars and how they can strike the world with the great capability to bring people to the desirable destination.

There are still some other names you can find on the list. The manufacturers compete strictly to bring the best features to support and enhance the functionality of fast car on the market. Definitely, it is important to learn more about the features and the price of such cars especially if you have a lot of money and want to buy the best car to complete your collections. The review about such matter will be absolutely helpful to be the reference before finally choosing one of the possible options as your ultimate consideration.